Help with our veterinary fees

We have close working relationships with local vets to ensure all our animals receive the best possible care which includes inoculations, worming, flea treatments and neutering (for dogs over 6 months old). Some of the dogs that come in to our care require urgent veterinary attention for wounds, dental problems and old injuries such as broken bones. This cost of thousands of euros every month. We often struggle to pay our vets and undertake all kinds of fundraising activities to help pay the bills. If you are able to help us with our work please donate to our veterinary fund, any amount you can spare will help us to save more lives.


Sponsor a dog

With 1,800 dogs to feed and care for, we urgently need more sponsors to helps us to cover the costs of our dogs. As such a small charity we cannot meet all of the running costs at present and are hugely reliant on our supporters to help with food, veterinary bills and staff wages every month, it’s an ongoing battle which is reaching breaking point. If you are able to sponsor one of our dogs, it would greatly reduce the financial burden we face.

The suggested amount for sponsoring a dog is £1 a day and for this you will receive a certificate and regular updates on the dog. Our dogs can also be part sponsored so if you are unable to fully sponsor a dog please give whatever you can, any amount is greatly received.


There are many ways in which you can help us raise funds, from a bake sale to a sponsored run. Anything you can do to help us is greatly received. Here are some examples of how our supporters have fundraised for us recently:

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Facebook Auctions

Each month we run an online auction of donated items on Facebook, please take a look at our auction page for more information.


Amazon wish list

Keeping 1,800 dogs fed and cared for is incredibly expensive and costs us approximately 20,000 euros every month. If you would like to purchase food, toys or medicinal items please take a look at our Amazon wish list which allows you to purchase and have items delivered to our UK office. We can then deliver them Wonderland on our transport runs.


Bid to Save a Stray shop

To show your support for our charity, we have a range of promotional products including mugs, calendars, t shirts and car stickers available to purchase, view items:


Share our story

If you aren’t in a position to provide any financial support or adopt one of our dogs but would like to support Bid to Save a Stray, please follow us on Facebook and share the profiles of our dogs looking for homes, by sharing far and wide we can increase the visibility and help find their forever homes.

Help us fund our vital work

Help us fund our vital work

Caring for over 1,800 animals day to day comes at a significant cost. Food alone costs us several thousands of euros every month, add to that other essentials such as electricity and staff wages, our running costs are in excess of 20,000 euros every month. Anything you can spare would be greatly appreciated.

Give Now

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